Coach (USA) Burgundy Leather Belt with Brass Buckle

$ 12.00

A burgundy colored burnished cowhide belt made in the USA for Coach.  The belt has a stated size 38 and measures 37" from the belt fold (where the buckle meets the belt) to the first hole, 38" to the second hole, and 39" to the 3rd hole.  The buckle and prong are made of solid brass and the double strap loops are present.  The belt is marked on the underside with  "38" 95 cm 5700 Burgundy This is a Coach belt. It was made in the United States out of Burnished Cowhide and solid brass."  The condition is good.

Four Ways to Fit a Belt

An end-to-end belt measurement isn't accurate because it includes unnecessary inches by factoring in the buckle and the extra part of the belt that fastens into the loop.  In order to get the best fit, follow one of these methods:

Starting From Scratch:  Without wearing any clothes, wrap tape measure around your natural waistline where belt will be worn and note the body circumference.  Add two inches to get belt size. 

Existing Belt:  Place tape measure at the fold where the buckle meets the belt (don't include buckle length) and measure to the hole most comfortably used.  Belts are measured in inches, so round up to the nearest inch, and that's the correct belt size.

No-Belt Method:  Thread a tape measure through the pants/skirts belt loops and wrap around waist until snug.  Round up to the nearest inch to get the correct belt size.

Basing On Off-The-Rack Waist Size (Useful for Men):  A belt size is usually 2" larger than the stated waist size for pants and trousers, and 3-4 inches for jeans.  For example, if the stated waist size is 34 inches, a 36 inch belt size (38" for jeans) would be appropriate.