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Cherub Cat, Angel Tiger: A Little History of the Cat by Marie Angel

Cherub Cat, Angel Tiger: A Little History of the Cat by Marie Angel

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Cherub Cat, Angel Tiger:  A Little History of the Cat by Marie Angel is a 61-page hardcover published in 1988 by Pelham Books.  There are some impression marks to the front cover.  Inside, the book is in beautiful condition, with crisp pages and tight binding.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Felis catus--the domestic cat--descends from the African wild cat, Felis sylvestris lybica, a shy, nocturnal hunter and the only biddable member of the cat family.  Tamed thousands of years ago, yet even today the cosiest of pet cats still retains a wild heart.

This little history retells the extraordinary story of the cat's unique relationship with man.  At times loves and revered, at others hated and feared, the cat has been the most powerful and the most persecuted of animals.

In folklore, cats have been credited with changing many a poor boy's fortune.  Dick Whittington's cat may have been mythical, but what is certain is that the cat's own fortune was changed by the institution of the cat show in the late nineteenth century.  The cat suddenly found himself fashionable, and such was the intensity of interest in breeding "fancy" cats that there are now over a hundred registered breeds.

Still a cult, but no longer devil of deity, the cat has a secure place in the affections of countless cat-lovers the world over. 

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