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The Standing Rabbit

Ceramic Wedding Vase

Ceramic Wedding Vase

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A ceramic wedding vase featuring a gourd-shaped lower body and two symmetrical spouts at the top flanking a central looped handle (symbolizing two lives joined by a bridge), both lava glazed in shades of green and yellow over a speckled cream background.  The vase measures 5 1/2" wide across the body and is 7 3/4" high.  The bottom is unmarked so the maker is unknown, and the condition is very good.  There is what appears to be light discoloration to the white glaze, that upon further inspection appears to be part of the piece, and not a defect.

Wedding Vases

Wedding vases have been used in Native American marriage rituals for centuries to symbolize the joining of two lives into one.  Traditionally, a love potion is made consisting of holy water that, during the ceremony, the bride and groom drink together from the double neck at the same time without spilling.  This act symbolizes the joining of two lives to each other for eternity.

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