Bubbles: A Self Portrait by Beverly Sills

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Bubbles:  A Self Portrait by Beverly Sills is a 240-page hardcover published in 1976 by Bobbs-Merrill, and is a stated Book Club Edition.  The dust jacket has some small chips along the upper edge.  Inside, the book is pristine, with clean pages and tight binding.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Beverly Sills, nee Belle Miriam Silverman, alias Bubbles, has come a long way from Brooklyn, New York.

When she was named Woman of the Year in the performing arts of 1975, it was simply additional recognition of the talent and personality that have won her critical and popular acclaim never before achieved by an American opera singer.

Here, in her own words and personally selected pictures, most of which have never been published, is the story of her career--its triumphs and its heartbreaks.

For a girl whose first ambition in life was to become an opera star, the start was not auspicious--appearances on Major Bowes Amateur Hour, bit parts in radio soap opera, the voice of the famous Rinso White commercials.  Later, there was a national tour in Gilbert and Sullivan and eventually the recognition of her skills in the American Opera The Ballad of Baby Doe, and in the classic repertoire of the New York City Opera.  Rave reviews in the cities she toured were followed by cover stories in Time and Newsweek.  And finally, her long-awaited debut at the Metropolitan Opera was treated as a major news story throughout the United States, in Europe and Latin America. 

In this handsome book, rich with behind-the-scenes stories and pictures of life in grand opera, Beverly Sills shares the long journey from Brooklyn with her thousands of fans.