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Bridge Made Easy: How to Set Your Opponents by Caroline Sydnor

Bridge Made Easy: How to Set Your Opponents by Caroline Sydnor

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Bridge Made Easy:  How to Set Your Opponents by Caroline Sydnor is a 358-page paperback published by Caroline Sydnor, 1992. The overall condition is good. 

Book Summary

Why is it that most players find declarer play the most interesting and challenging facet of our game?  Sure, it's fun to execute squeezes and endplays.  Sure, it's fun to bid and make a grand slam.

But let's face it--every time you or your partner is the declarer, the other is the dummy--somebody who just sits there playing whatever card his partner tells him to play.  So, when your side plays the hand, half the time you're just a spectator.

How different it is when your opponents buy the contract.  Every time you're on the defense, both you and your partner are right in the thick of the action.  Think about it.  On defense, your imagination is tested to the limit--and to me there's fully as much exhilaration in finding a difficult and crucial defense as there is in executing a trump squeeze.  And on defense, it's an all-out partnership effort unlike the declarer--you can't do it alone.

In this book Caroline Sydnor succeeds in making defense the scintillating part of bridge that it is.  Many of the hands you'll see appear easy to make--but shrewd, logical thinking on the part of the defenders scuttles these contracts.

Once you've absorbed the contents of this book, not only will you be a better bridge player, but you'll find yourself enjoying the game ever so much more.

--Henry G. Francis, Editor, American Contract Bridge League's Contract Bridge Bulletin

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  78-1040 76

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