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Boomsday by Christopher Buckley

Boomsday by Christopher Buckley

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Boomsday by Christopher Buckley is a 318-page hardcover published in 2007 by Twelve by Hachette Book Group USA, and is a stated first edition.  The only noted flaw is a couple dogeared pages.  Otherwise, the condition is very good.  

Book Summary

If you've never read Christopher Buckley's fiction before, Boomsday is the perfect introduction to the author Tom Wolfe calls "one of the funniest writers in the English language" and Fortune magazine deems "the quintessential political novelist of our time."  And if you have read Christopher Buckley before, prepare yourself for his most outrageous, wickedly warped Washington comedy since his acclaimed bestsellers, Thank you for Smoking and No Way to Treat a First Lady

In Boomsday, Buckley hilariously envisions the nation's next great brouhaha--generational warfare between profligate Baby Boomers and younger Americans who don't want to be stuck paying the bill, and how this conflict provokes the most outlandish presidential campaign in American history.

Cassandra Devine, an idealistic, straight-A student, was like any other seventeen-year-old Yale hopeful until she learned that her father spent her tuition money on a dotcom start-up, and she would be forced to join the army.  Ten years later, Cassandra has become a frustrated Washington spin doctor and devoted nighttime blogger who rails against the excesses of the "Un-greatest" generation and their negligent handling of the mounting Social Security debt.  After she learns that her father has remarried and bought his dim-witted son's way into Yale, she politely suggests on her personal blog that Baby Boomers be given government incentives to kill themselves by age seventy-five.  This modest proposal catches fire with millions of outrages citizens and an ambitious senator seeking the youth vote for his presidential bid...

ISBN:  978-0-446-57981-0

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