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The Standing Rabbit

Belleek (Ireland) Porcelain Pig Figurine

Belleek (Ireland) Porcelain Pig Figurine

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A porcelain glossy white pig with light yellow luster ears and feet by Belleek.  The pig measures 3" long, 1 1/2" wide and 2" tall.  The bottom is stamped "Belleek Ireland Reg No0837, a mark that was used between 1965-1980.  The condition is excellent, with no crazing, chips, or repairs.

The Enchanted Porcelain of Ireland

This piece of Belleek Parian China has been crafted entirely by hand at the Belleek Pottery in County Fermanagh, Ireland, and is one of the finest porcelains in the world today.  Winning international competitions since its introduction in 1857, Belleek has been prized by royalty and heads of state for well over a century, and can be found in many outstanding museum and private collections around the world.

The precious nature of Belleek rests in its tradition of painstaking artistry.  Among experts in fine porcelain, a Belleek object is instantly recognized for its delicacy, translucent ivory tint and unique Parian finish.  Every handle, finial, flower, and stroke of paint is applied by hand.  Although beautiful, this porcelain possesses a strength and resilience that can withstand daily use.

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