Aunt Erma's Cope Book by Erma Bombeck

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Erma Bombeck, 'Aunt Erma's Cope Book,' published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1979.

Aunt Erma's Cope Book is a 180 page hardcover measuring 9 1/4" x 6".  The dust jacket has some closed tears along the edges but is otherwise clean and intact.  Inside, the book is in pristine condition, with clean unmarked pages and no evidence of use.

Book Summary

Erma Bombeck, former home-room mother and obituary writer, has written on such diverse topics as septic tanks, cherries, and life in the pits.

In Aunt Erma's Cope Book, she tells the moving story of how one woman survived the pursuit of happiness--until the self-help books arrived.  Inspired by the Cope-of-the-Month-Club Guild, Erma decides to become the best, the sexiest, the smartest, the healthiest, the happiest, and the thinnest.  No longer will she be the only woman on her block to wear a slip under a see-through sweater.  No longer will she feel guilty if the sun sets on an empty crockpot.  Here is a new Erma--ambitious, dynamic, demanding that her butcher show her his prime rump in the daylight, conquering her fear of buying, trying out the sporting life--spurred on by experts who claim that sex uses fewer calories than throwing a Frisbee.

In this book Erma comes out--out of the kitchen.  She has flunked her paper towel test, and lost 3,476 pounds in one lifetime, and she's no longer afraid to name the NFL in an alienation suit.  With her new-found assertiveness, she tries it all--Sensual Needlepoint, Inner Jogging, Raising Consciousness at Home for Fun and Profit, and overcoming her bad body English.  Well on the way to becoming a sub-total woman, Erma decides she will no longer dedicate herself to such domestic challenges as putting down toilet seats and protecting the refrigerator from the ravenous raids of her son, Jaws II.

Instead, she confronts some of the leading questions of our time:  Is There Life After Packages?  Is There a Draft in Your Open Marriage?  Can a Woman with Outer Fat Find Inner Peace? 

ISBN:  0-07-006452-0