Anchor Hocking (Ohio, USA) Swedish Modern Honey Gold Chip & Dip Set

$ 25.00

A Swedish Modern Honey Gold chip & dip set from Anchor Hocking.  The "chip" bowl measures 3" tall and 8" across and the "dip" bowl measures 2" tall by 4 1/2" across.  When assembled, the total height is a diminutive 5".  This set dates from the 1960s, and the condition is excellent, with no indication of ever being used and only the slightest, near imperceptible tarnish on the metal rack. 

Hocking Glass Company of Ohio

The Hocking Glass Company was founded in Lancaster, Ohio, in 1905 by Isaac Jacob Collins and named after the Hocking River.  In 1937, it merged with the Anchor Cap & Closure Corporations to become Anchor Hocking.

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