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The Standing Rabbit

Agatha Christie Box Set

Agatha Christie Box Set

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An Agatha Christie Box Set published by Berkeley Books.  The condition of all books is pristine, without a hint of use.  The books are encased in a box that shows light handling.

Books Summaries

Murder in Three Acts:

The Reverend Stephen Babbington seldom imbibed, but for the glittering soiree given by renowned actor Sir Charles Cartwright, he indulged in a cocktail...and fell over dead.  Since there was no trace of poison and no motive for murder, the case was closed.  Then an identical death at a London party with the same guest list presents Hercule Poirot with his most unusual mystery,  In need of both clues and suspects, the masterful detective stages a dinner party of his which Death is the guest of honor.

The Murder on the Links:

"For God's sake, come!"...The appeal for help arrived too late.  Monsieur Renauld lay dead on the gold course just days after Hercule Poirot had received his letter.  There was no lack of suspects:  Renauld had possessed a plundered fortune, both a wife and a mistress, and an estranged son.  But just when police think they have the culprit, the brilliant Belgian detective assures them that all is not as it seems.  And the next murder proves him right.

There is a Tide:

Warmsley Vale.  To all appearances, it was just another sleepy village shaken up by a series of bizarre coincidences...or were then cunningly deliberate crimes?  A young bride--just two weeks a widow--was made sole heir to an enormous fortune.  A mysterious stranger met a brutal end...and that dapper detective Hercule Poirot found himself on a trail as baffling as any he had ever encountered.

The Moving Finger:

The placid village of Lymstock seemed the perfect place for Jerry Burton to recuperate from his accident under the care of his sister, Joanna.  Then the poison pen letter arrived, viciously alleging illicit sexual activity between Jerry and Joanna.  Even more shocking, obscene mail had been turning up all over the village.  When a suicide results, the town is thrown into shock.  The vicar, the doctor, the servants are all on the verge of accusing one another, when help arrives from an unexpected quarter.  The vicar's house guest is none other than the spinster detective, Miss Jane Marple.

ISBN:  0-425-10569-5

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