Abington Art Pottery (Virginia, USA) Handled Vase with Matte Pink Glaze

$ 30.00

A pink matte glazed vase with elegantly flared banded rim and base, and two low-set strap handles from Abingdon Pottery.  The vase measures 9 1/2" high and 6 1/4" wide at the rim.  The bottom is impressed with the mold number "911" and stamped "Abington U.S.A."  The condition of the vase is good.

Abington Art Pottery

In 1908, Raymond E. Bidwell established the Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company in Abingdon, Illinois,  producing vitreous china plumbing fixtures.  To stay afloat during the great depression, Abingdon started producing art pottery from 1934 until reverting back to making plumbing fixtures exclusively in 1950.