A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals by Frederick H. Pough

$ 6.00

A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals by Frederick H. Pough is a 349-page cloth-bound hardcover published first in 1953 by Houghton Mifflin Company.  This copy is the second printing of May, 1956.  The dust jacket is in acceptable condition with numerous creases, chips, and tears but is together.  The book itself is in very good condition, with only slight bumping to the bottom portion of the spine.  Inside, the pages are clean and crisp and the binding is solid and tight.

Book Summary

This is a book that can be used anywhere in the world and is complete enough to satisfy the demands of the amateur and even assist the professional.  A generous use of photographs--262 of them, 77 in full color--and the simplified Field Guide approach to identification have made it possible to compress an enormous body of information on rocks and minerals into the Field Guide format.When it was first published in 1953 it was welcomed by reviewers all across the country as the most practical and comprehensive book of its kind. 

Library of Congress Card Catalog Number:  52-9593