A Classical Storybook Selected and Edited by Morris Bishop

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A Classical Storybook Selected and Edited by Morris Bishop is a 245-page hardcover published in 1970 by Cornell University Press (New York).  The dust jacket has some chips and surface rubbing.  Inside, the book is in very good condition, with clean unmarked pages and tight binding.

Book Summary

In a delightful follow-up to A Medieval Storybook, Mr. Bishop presents nineteen Greek and Roman tales, all selected for their ability to engage readers.  There are tales of adventures by land and by sea, of love and its betrayal, of battles and feasts, of prodigies wrought by gods and goals pursued by men.  Some of the stories are tragic, others comic; some are realistic, others based on fantasy.  Included are the first account of a trip to the moon and the first narratives to develop the now familiar formula of boy meets girls, boy loses girl, boy seeks girl, boy finds girl. 

The Greek stories begin with Samuel Butler's prose version of an episode from Homer's Odyssey.  This is followed by four tales by Herodotus and stories by Dio Chrysostom, Chariton, Lucian, Longus, Heliodorus, and Pseudo-Callisthenes.  The Roman authors represented are Virgil, Ovid (three Metomorphoses), Petronius, Apuleius (two stories from The Golden Ass), and Aulus Gellius.

ISBN:  0-8014-0577-7